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I live in the Netherlands which is a small country in Europe and I am a 96 liner :3
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"Without you my life would have been in a dark, dark place." - Me
#quote #lovequote #love #iloveyou #selfie #selca #turkish #dutch #japanese #chinese #smile

"Without you my life would have been in a dark, dark place." - Me
#quote #lovequote #love #iloveyou #selfie #selca #turkish #dutch #japanese #chinese #smile


jiyong’s cute bare face (≧ω≦)


after getting his shirt lifted and then getting groped by Taeyang, T.O.P exacts revenge


9 out of thousand reasons why I love YG.

And if fans’ jaws dropped during the sexy showing, well, they’ll have to get used to them staying there: B.A.P wants to get even sexier. When asked what concepts they’d like to try out, Himchan says, “More of the body-and-soul, sexy concepts,” despite the group’s youngest member being 17. “Even though Zelo’s a minor, I feel that he’s pretty mature and could probably pull it off,” before adding with a laugh, “I think I’m probably the least prepared for that concept, but I just want to try it.”

- B.A.P’s interview with Billboard.com (April 17th,2014)

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junhong’s reaction to daehyun saying “shit” 

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"7th album, 7 members, 7Seasons"

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